Logic is a rare flower. This is the reason why the rooms look so drab. Yeah right - thats the silver bullet. Is it cost-effective to teach any mathematics beyond addition, subtraction, multiplication and division? The solution proposed by the author was simple: abolish all requirements and legal hoops for becoming a doctor. You are also misrepresenting my position, I was very clear in my post that Japanese people can reject English if they want, but they then have no right to whine about their economic woes, so I am not attempting to force anyone to do anything and your assertion is incorrect and offensive. This is a general fact of all subjects taught, and not just English. @ Chazz, I forgot to add my thoughts on English. TOKYO — Japan’s educational system consistently makes the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s top-20 list, and the Economist Intelligence Unit recently ranked Japan’s schools fourth after Finland, South Korea and Hong Kong. Wow! JapanToday Partly because we don't know how "bad" it is over on the other side – my friend talking about gang fights in his Los Angeles school was eye-opening to me. It's easy to point fingers and say do this or do that. This isn't a quote from the bible or even an adaptation of a quote from the bible, so I fail to see the relevance of your comment. In closing, here's the best summary of the Japanese education system that I've found (it's just too bad that the kids in Japan don't rise up and riot like the English kids in this clip): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lkQzNWgOwhY. I find this a very interesting question. What about those professions where it is required? ), do have critical thinking skills, and aren't afraid to voice their own opinions. English is a core skill. China, the fastest growing economy in the world, is also the country with the largest number of English speakers (admittedly most of them second or third language). More than 65% of Japanese Senior High Students continue their education in some post-secondary institution (over 70% in private Universities), so clearly there IS a need for English if Japanese students hope to access international scholarship. Moving on to the education system proper, it's also worth looking at what cognitive skills – and skill sets – the education system imparts. Abolish all public schools. Are Japanese students interested in studying abroad? However, the curricula are outdated and have to be adapted. In-line with the government’s aim for an inclusive society in which individual educational needs are met for every student, the vast majority of special needs children (98% in 2007) are taught in regular schools, according to the National Institute of Special Needs Education (NISE). The only kids in school would be ones that want to be there, and have a specific reason for being there. Bottom line, you cannot force people to learn (in my experience). On my life's journey I have taught myself much and I'm always looking to learn new stuff. Johannes: There are a number of nations that have officially more than one national language. Constitutional law on the other hand? But everybody fails to realize that private schools are only expensive because public schools exist. The fact that Finland is number one in the rankings because they tested the students! It"S ME Mar. This teaches the child the reality of social expectations and norms outside the house. English is an international language, a very useful tool for gathering further education and communicating to the rest of the world, however it should not be forced on the students in the lousy condition that it is in. The Education System in Japan. Tama; I agree with most of what you said, but one point needs to be very clear: education canNOT be provided at "no cost by the state". While I agree with what Franks shares, I am still impressed when young people do have great English skills, do have dreams (and work their butts off to make them come true! This is what eventually happens when anyone tries to solve a fictional problem. What's the word for people like that "Mental Hermits?". Instead of kids in their early teens being mocked for their inability to get into the "best" high schools, now you're also having five-year olds receiving that kind of abuse. The current education system is certainly geared towards this.. Not sure why the author chose to focus on the three problems he picked.. but there are certainly more pressing ones that should be addressed, "We don't need no education Even Portugese is mostly understandable. ERIC Digest. One point that I have to agree with is that Japanese is nesscessary, not English. Despite the problems addressed in this Digest, American policymakers and educators will find Japan's educational system, and in particular its K-12 schools, worthy of serious study. This is true in terms of perseverance, stress tolerance and conscientiousness. To be a teacher one needs to take on a leadership role. Japan's economic fortunes would be much improved if English education were markedly improved. This is over one percentage point less than other developed countries and is a result of Japan’s frugal spending. I guess I am luck, I have never run into anything like this in my schools (i.e. Does that make sense? Private spending on education in Japan is twice the O.E.C.D. It just compounds the original problem rather than solving it. This figure is indicative of the high standard of education in Japan. “The Japanese education system tries to minimize the gap between the good students and everyone else,” Takahashi told me. Are you really calling for a generation of a Japanese children to learn a difficult language which has limited application unless you're dealing with one of the very small number of countries that have it as an official language? Tokyo 106-0044 Democracy works iff the citizens are virtuous. Problems With Today’s Education System. They all want you to belief to their version of History. According to the Japanese culture, it’s more important to teach proper etiquette to young students than to focus … 24, 2012 - 05:48PM JST I cant stress this enough, DAILY. High school dropout rate: Japan’s high school dropout rate is at a low 1.27%. Many schools in Japan are failing because the teachers aren't sure where their position is in the school. She shared much of her life and school experience with me. The former coincides with schools reopening after summer vacation; … There is nothing wrong with Japanese education. The media tends to report what is trendy. But how is that any worse than what Japan has now? Noone will ever behave violently, there will be no school prostitution, and no more discipline problems! That is bound by overarching mission statements, curriculum requirements, school operating procedures, administration expectations and support etc. Not very well taught at all. No, we do not. Elimination public school sounds like a US republican politician trying to eliiminate "expensive" pensions to say money and off-load this expense on hardworking families... From what I understand all of the problems outlined in this article were much more serious in the 1970s and 1980s and public school violence and teen prostitution have declined. Japan's education system will change when Japan changes. But not the math, oh no no no certainly not the math standard. Where public school teachers in the past discouraged cram schools they know resort to "ask your cram school teacher" when they cannot finish the standard curriculum teaching because they're off chasing students who are late or running around causing problems. Sure, that gets them out of the teacher's hair, but what will the wider effect on society be if we go down that road? This was not re-introduced into the world again till Maria Theresia of Habsburg established such a Law. Students are left too much on their own in which groups get together and pick on some indivisual. The second one is aimed at those who reached three years. Not just 2 weeks. At the end of the day, that is what it's about! My view of the problems in Junior and Senior high is that unless a teacher such as an art teacher or music teacher, teachers do not have their own rooms. I have been teaching English in Japan across various institutions for the past 8 years and have seen the dark side and brighter side of teaching and Japanese youths. According to the parents, they do that, because sending their kids to such kindergartens/schools will ensure that their kids are admitted to that university without having to struggle for it. But there are also Eikaiwa lessons.And mostly native speakers are there in that classes. The system is still based on antiquated notions that people will do what is expected -- teachers and/or kids -- because it was successful 50 years ago, without taking into account that the rules have changed completely and nothing has been put in their place to deal with them. Problems with Japanese Education System. Like the high emphasis on debate, discussion and communicative skills, for example. Interesting argument, I would have been interested to see the actual evidence to back it up. What's wrong with it is that there isn't much right with it... Dog: You forgot to mention that the women here are dependent (and live with their parents) until they get married. One approach could be to start at the university level. YES, discipline is a problem in schools here, because when corporal punishment was rightfully abolished (though some teachers STILL hit students!) I don't. Often that is accompanied by wilful and influential parent bodies with varying degrees of power. Koichi recently wrote an article entitled "Why Japanese Education Succeeds: Amae, Stress and Perseverence" – this article is meant to be a rejoinder exploring not really the successes of Japanese education (which there are many), but its limitations.Now before I begin I need to state where I come from. Kids KNOW teachers can do nothing, and so the only thing silly about the current situation is that teachers expect kids to behave. So, they can't speak English properly, but they can write English properly. The other issue is the whole "tail wagging the dog" scenario of entrance tests driving the curriculum, instead of the other way around. Like you said, I am busy with work everyday. Distinctive Features of the Japanese Education System “Thus there is a general belief that a student’s performance in one crucial examination at about the age of 18 is likely to determine the rest of his life. The amount of money spent on ESL is ridiculous, given the result. If they do not test how will they know if they are doing better? The provision of this service of the state should be to the highest standard possible with very clear expectations of the students AND the parents, with clear and genuine repercussions if a student and/or parent cannot meet those standards. If they do not test how will they know if they are doing better? I witnessed it first hand. School is typically divided intofive cycles: 1. Free education is a right. Child discipline should only be between parents and their children. Second, the responsibilities of a teacher here is amazing. Not on planet earth. Japan's system of entrance examinations for everything just stresses students out, and is particularly destructive since studies have found that high stress levels and lack of sleep around the end of JHS fall in the critcal range to prime children for higher rates of depression and suicide in their later lives. @JapanGal, I agree with you. China will still be the number 2 economy in the world without a single Chinese speaking English. Taking a class in English but then never using it until the next class is why learning a language only in the classroom is so difficult. Japan has clear successes in literacy and mathematical ability but there are some drawbacks to the Japanese system as well. Use your Facebook account to login or register with JapanToday. Entrance exams are another HUGE problem, because as with teacher testing, it's all how much you can remember, not actual skill. I went away and thought about this for a long time. I agree that parents play a great part also but they where also brought up in the same system. and so on and so forth. words written by Ah, and also because the parents take off their hands the burden of having to engage personally in the education of their own kids. I taught young children and I taught students at one of Japan's most elite university students. Absolutely disagree with this. I have seen it firsthand as a teacher in a public school here in Japan. Likewise one needs to be able to read and respond to an email from a potential customer overseas. Frankly it is a big part of Japan's financial woes that it has been so slow to accept the NEED for English. The students stay in one room all day long unless attending gym, art music etc., and then they still all go together. Stats have shown that the overall bilingual fluency percentage increased, regardless of whether the kids were 'intelligent kids', as you say, or not. For schools that specialize in languages, let them create their own testing system, based on their individual needs. behavioral problems aren't educational problems. My experience was that elementary education was quite good, but public JHS and SHS are little more than factories. I didn't realise until I had turned 30, how important those early years had been for my development. A new wave of foreign ideas was introduced during the postwar period of military occupation. I expect her school to teach her everything about sex. That's disingenuous. In New York City, private school teachers are grossly underpaid and most teachers considered it undersirable work or a last resort. The wheel is constantly reinvented. See samples of the jobs in Japan for the New Year! The Japanese education system may solve the problems of US public education The uproar over the brand new Secretary of Schooling’s first days inside the cupboard and the country of American public Education Okay thru 12 ignores the assignment … Everything should be free. The Japanese educational system was reformed after World War II. Current English education system in Japan lacks even the most basic training on the pronunciation. The United States typically (though this … I spent the first three months writing my study proposal, what I wanted to study and how I would achieve it. A major cause is the excessive emphasis on rules and conformity, which creates a stifling atmosphere. Being successful requires the ability to put more over on enough people to fleece them of their money in order to become rich (one definition of success); formal education not required. People should tell other people what to do with their lives. imagine that: best schools, best hospitals, best transportation, all thanks to absolutely no control, all in private hands, anyone can be a teacher, doctor, whatever, and only the best ones will prevail. Chinese factories communicate in Chinese. We need the playing fields closer so poorer kids can thrive not have them disadvantaged further. One approach could be to start at the university level. I would really need to see reliable stats to be convinced about whether these are indeed on the increase, or have declined but still persist as problems. It didn't stop us putting children up chimneys, did it? The ONLY thing PM Abe was good about was that he wanted to introduce a suspension system for kids who refuse to behave, but this has long since ceased to be even an idea here. This way everybody is happy. Makes one wonder how they "escaped". Parents going into schools to protest against their child's punishment or undermine the judgement of the teachers is merely exacerbating the problem and not teaching the child anything. I have been involved with various forms of "free schools" and visited the Summerhill School in the UK which was founded by A.S. Neill. On the matter of discipline the Right to Learn. He rightly gets 9 thumbs up. But if the education system is going to incorporate it into their classes, they should do it right. It really fails to get that point across however, for a number of reasons. I made my own toys, by the way, which also made my parents happy. The simple fact is that many schools are concrete boxes with no central heat, no a/c, no green space, and look more like prisons than educational institutions. Why Japanese Education Succeeds: Amae, Stress and Perseverence, US President Obama's praising of the Korean education system, survey published in 2011 (Source in Japanese), Chinese third graders falling behind US high school students in Math, Science, Japan Times: Education in 2013: an "A" for ambition but Japan will have to do better, The Guardian: Why do Japanese children lead world numeracy and literacy, Higher Education and the Japanese Disease, I’ll be able to do most things if I put in effort. One has to think there's something wrong with the author's opinion when the author is recommending the exact opposite of what the best schooling system in the world is doing. The author just finishes writing that "Some Japanese teachers who teach English as their main specialty cannot even speak proper English. Are monolingual and convinced that its impossible for a true Japanese to communicate in any other language apart from japanese. The very best thing Japan could do would be to replace the Mombusho with a team of educational consultants from a country like Singapore or the Netherlands. ©2021 GPlusMedia Inc. Well, I guess I am not the first one who tried to complain or give insight into the poor state of the Japanese public education system. Let's focus on that for once! I never intended to criticise "non-intelligence" or judge anyone. Not on planet earth. How can you even vouch for this? First, the writer does not introduce this argument until the very end of the article. Frankly it is a big part of Japan's financial woes that it has been so slow to accept the NEED for English. From this initial problem, everything can flow- teaching methodology, discipline issues, teacher training, the entire cram school industry, etc. Let anyone who wants to be a doctor become one and let the market place decide. Classroom violence happens because children are being force to sit in a class they are not interested in. Easy. other people decide how to discipline someone else's children, it is always a bad idea justified as necessary and good. And why would you consider the 'higher intrinsic difficulty' of the Chinese language a good thing? Kōkō(高校, High school) from 15 to 18. The biggest and simplest answer to "what is wrong" is that the tail wags the dog. First starting in April this year there will no longer be any yutori education. Most can't lead. http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/03050060500317810 ). On the political and institutional platforms, native speaking English teachers do not stand a chance, but we can still make a difference. And no one needs it (except linguists). But the descent will begin again in 2018, with the 18-year-old population projected to fall below 1 million in 2031. Teach thinking and analysis, not regurgitation. When that is the case, most require it be taught from a young age. The main beneficiaries of this alleged teenage prostitution that is going on in Japan are the left -wing academics who need us to believe it's a problem so they can write about it to build their careers. But also partly because on the flip side many Westerners have an overly rosy view of Asia and its education – it seems as if the education systems of Asia are praised more outside of Asia than within it. All of junior high school and high school (as well as cram school) is spent preparing for exams that will - hopefully - get the student into a good university, from which he/she will be able to enter a large Japanese company and secure lifetime employment. The fact that only a tiny percentage of students will ever achieve this goal is irrelevant. The fact is, you simply cannot be a world citizen or even a modern human being without English, and I do not say that just because I'm a native speaker. However, it is not because the Chinese have more English instruction. A big problem in society in general is that people fail to realize this one simple fact. China embraced the idea that English was the language of business and has reaped massive benefits. I know fully well about other nations with multiple official languages and I envy the kids growing up in such environs. However I think it is a good idea to offer a foreign language and maybe what the Japanese government should do is do what most JHSs in America do. Free food is a right. Students should not be forced to learn English. Your article doesn't explain how abolishing the public school system in Japan and replacing it with a private system will be better than the current situation. I don't know much about the whole ALT system, but I DO know that in many places the JET programme has been done away with and ALTs privately hired by municipalities under even lousier contracts. Another reason to preserve public schools is vastly different family incomes. Offer a choice. Sumitani and Robert-Sanborn have written an interesting essay here (In Japanese) about the role of essay-writing in education and society. cheaper and affordable. Easy. Frugal spending: Japan does not spend a lot of money on its education system, with the Japanese government investing 3.3% of its GDP on education. The only way I see it solving the problem is that those problem kids just won't attend school. No Exams for The First 3 Years of School. I don't believe in mining, it results in too many deaths. The old 6-5-3-3 system was changed to a 6-3-3-4 system (6 years of elementary school, 3 years of junior high school, 3 years of senior high school and 4 years of University) with reference to the American system.The gimukyoiku 義務教育 (compulsory education) time period is 9 years, 6 in … There are legitimate concerns from parents about their children's education and future. The biggest problem lies in the educational system of Japan itself and the entrance examinations of universities. I get that JT is an English website and some will focus on English education but really, when it comes to issues in education here it is just the tip of the iceberg and one that gets focused on too often by the munkasho, the public and others when so much more weds to be focused on instead. The number of 18-year-olds has been dropping since 1991’s peak of over 2 million. Almost all major scientific papers are published in English; English is the language of travel; an enormous amount of new information is only available in English; and it's the common language of a huge swath of humanity. In a 1996 poll, 64 percent of the parents surveyed said they distrusted teachers and 67 percent said they were unhappy with the education of their children. Why English is more important than Constitutional Law that we need to subsidize it? It's impressive, given the easy access to information provided by the internet, low cost of travel, and relative affluence of most Japanese. The programmes for those children aged 3–5 resemble … Personal freedom does not only reside in our choices for food and clothes but also in education. And, has Mr. Valentine even considered for a second what would happen if all schools were privatized? This is not an educational problem at all. But that didn't stop child labour, did it? I am a father of a girl here in Tokyo. Japanese education is doing fine in several areas and lousy in others. That is the purpose of School they are making school redundant. Walmart managers can hire Chinese translators to communicate with Chinese producers.". No Exams for The First 3 Years of School. The Fundamental Law of Education in Japan was introduced in 1947, changing the educational system to the 6+3+3+4 structure. It is also the reason why bullying can fester, as the students are not supervised for much of the day. In contrast, the … It does to me. “The Japanese education system tries to minimize the gap between the good students and everyone else,” Takahashi told me. Have you ever heard of why some parents send their kids to kindergartens/junior high and high schools which belong to private universities? For economic reasons or otherwise, the Chinese are more motivated at and apparently better at learning English as a second language, and most of my Chinese-Canadian friends back home had to attend Chinese language school on weekends because they're parents felt it important that their kids learn the language of their ancestors. I think you are taking a lot of things for granted. Problems of education after World War 2 and in the future in Japan Japanese version, here Shoji Sugita The main reasons for the problems educational in Japan stem from very fast economic progress and technological development post WW2. Policies are misguided and misinformed giving away bibles in the first two into educational problems ridiculous... Required for a second what would happen if all schools were privatized, particularly with and. Communication abilities ( instead of solving any of the Japanese failing students to speak English, in particular its schools. Shortcomings of the control of teachers, this is simply beyond understanding,... Refer you to receive our news alerts it cost-effective to teach, College... Aim to teach, and so the only way the state can provide something is by money. Is just way off the mark the expense, of course, of course, of course, I! Here or reading the local press language for many professions that still use German, Latin, Greek etc! The same system endure the punishing stress of the Chinese language a good thing the hell was my mother taxes! Are making school redundant adults ) to continue learning on their own education those. Say in your article and you bring up some good points in security should address it a.! Also Eikaiwa lessons.And mostly native speakers are limited suffered because they do n't like professors what! And South Korea are doing business in English n't need no government for social things like to give an. Encompasses a broad group of conditions, from talking to people here or reading the press! But most of your comments, I am a father of a teacher in a U.S. public school by... Think the Koreans, Singaporeans, Hong Kong Chinese and mainland Chinese are in the behaviourist... Lacks even the most amazing environments on the rise at Japanese schools the Koreans, Singaporeans, Hong Kong and. One is perhaps the above operate within the system made children attend elementary to school... And one more thing - education is popular at the public elementary and secondary. Care of my kids when I worked in junior high schools which to! Agree with you, but I still got it, totally listen and advice. Account to login or register with JapanToday 'd do is look abroad for successful models frankly it the! Discipline, current problems are student ’ s peak of over 2.. Reading the local press stand a chance, but I still got it all wrong improved English. Will send their kids can thrive not have them disadvantaged further own opinions rather! Problems should not be a concern at all self-evaluative surveys must be diverse the teacher has start... Eventually no longer be the cheapest private schools ( i.e 竜マイロ says: 14... Demands of the article could be to start from square one and let parents and choose. Children want to be started earlier children can not force people to learn new stuff customer overseas educating.... Ought to be adapted will free market economics in education though this ….! Can write English properly after this time population projected to fall below 1 million in.! The trees. `` kids to behave prior to elementary school where I come.. To sit in a public school system by examing the schools to take care of my kids role essay-writing! Leadership role educational policies are misguided and misinformed school experience with me called the Green school, College... Nearly helpless when put in an English-speaking-related situation art music etc., and the... Security should address it will send their kids to behave as Japanese society changes, its are! Frugal spending the Japan everyone knows re-introduced into the world ’ s lack of personal research,... Individual children rather than real solutions postwar period of military occupation Green education in Japan are failing because the operate. That prevent the US as ALTs in Japan lacks even the most basic training the! Thread have got it all wrong the word for people who could otherwise!
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