Cash withdrawals from ATM’s are FREE in all EEA countries; Cash withdrawals from countries outside the EEA – £200 for free every 30 days; So Monzo really is good for travelling abroad, especially if you’re within an EEA country. I know of people who have been caught out … Starling’s ATM withdrawal limit is £300 a day, and this applies both at home or abroad. Monzo’s 2018 blog post quotes the high cost of international withdrawals as the reason the charges were introduced in the first place, and I am really unsure why they would chose option [b] and go back to the state before. Mobile-only bank Monzo's current account is finally here - but there's a waiting list and not much detail on rates and rewards so far. And if you’re going outside the EEA, just remember to take a little bit of cash with you. When taking cash out abroad, you can withdraw up to £200 every 30 days for free. You'll be able to withdraw £600 from ATMs each month while abroad (Monzo's standard allowance is £200/mth or £400/mth with Monzo Plus). Free cash withdrawals without limits are reported be a particularly potent benefit in Monzo's home market, the UK. Withdrawing money abroad (Revolut, N26, Monzo, Curve) Within the scope of this article, I would like to focus on the issue of withdrawing money from ATMs located abroad. Monzo has announced that its prepaid debit cards may no longer be fee-free when used for ATM withdrawals outside of the UK. Monzo to limit free cash withdrawals abroad. This is definitely useful for emergencies, however after these 30 days are up, Monzo adds a 3% charge to any money you take out. From 31 October, Monzo … You can also check your limit via the app so you don’t accidentally go over. This is the equivalent of £3 for a £100 withdrawal. Those who withdraw more than £200 elsewhere in the world over 30 days are already charged 3% (except those who have Monzo Plus, who have a higher £400 limit before they're charged). As standard, you can withdraw £200 in cash per month abroad, so it might be best to keep ATM withdrawals to a minimum. While Monzo Premium comes with all the features you get with Monzo Plus, a couple are improved: Increased fee-free ATM withdrawal limits while abroad. With a Monzo Plus account your limit is increased to £400 when choosing the Traveller bundle. The problem is rather universal in nature, as it also affects various credit cards (both standard ones and applications such as N26, Monzo, and Curve). Withdrawing Cash Abroad. From 31 October 2020, those who use Monzo to withdraw more than £250 over a 30-day period in the UK or European Economic Area (EEA) will be charged a fee of 3%. Currently Monzo's prepaid card allows free overseas spending and ATM withdrawals worldwide, though withdrawals – abroad and in the UK – are restricted to £250/day, £1,000/month and £3,000/year. document Monzo provides free ATM cash withdrawals abroad, but it does have a £200 ATM withdrawal limit in place — anything above that over a 30-day period will be charged at 3%. They’re very similar and great for travelling fee-free, but with one key difference: with Monzo, there’s a £200 limit on free cash withdrawals abroad – after which 3% is charged. Like Monzo, you can withdraw the first £200 or €200 from an overseas cash machine for free each month, but after that you'll need to pay 2pc. Author Lauren Howells. Monzo to charge customers for withdrawing more than £250 cash over the course of a month if they don't use it as a main account.
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