Usually ships within 1 to 2 months. Help the Mollys of this world learn who you are, and try to enlist the help of other inmates to help in this effort. Even so, Lutz, herself a 1978 through-hiker, decided that Darlington was a place she most sincerely did not want to be. It’s worked just fine, I told him. The clearing was dead quiet. He was alone there. Without a hello, he demanded that he be given the shelter’s east wall, where Greg had already set up. He flipped through his trail journal, started reading. It was close to 5 p.m. when they started climbing and about six when they reached the turnoff. Four years earlier, on July 3, 1986, a woman had offered him a ride home from a bar in Bartow, Florida. Glazerow was one of about a dozen hikers called to testify in the prosecution case against Crews. Two of the four attacks were aimed at couples. I was still trying to catch up with Greg, who had left word in Darlington’s register that he planned to end his hike in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia, a few days to the south. I read this a few days south of Katahdin, which I’d climbed 12 days behind them. The graffiti-carved plank floor slept four or five comfortably, eight in a pinch. During the sentencing hearing, Dr. Gene L. Cary, a psychiatrist from the Penn State Hershey Medical Center, testified that Crews had consumed nearly a quart of whiskey and a “heavy amount” of cocaine just prior to committing the murders. Shortly after ten, when he’d paused to wolf down some bread, I told him he’d have to stop. On Dec. 26, 2006, The Sentinel reported how Perry County prosecutors announced they would stop fighting the appeals associated with the Crews case. “Well, we had one of those days.” Geoff’s next entry whimpered: “Our bodies have had almost as much as they can take.”. Since 1974, there have been 11 Appalachian Trail murders. “We were in dress shoes. Three came at trailside shelters. Originally published in Out. The next morning, we all took a two-mile detour to a restaurant for the hiker’s special: six pancakes, four pieces of sausage, coffee, and juice for $5. He was a short, stocky man, considered smart and hardworking by his bosses. Along the 11 miles to Duncannon, they encountered a section hiker, Mark “Doc” Glazerow of Owings Mills, Maryland, who joined them at a pizza parlor in town. That night, detectives who’d never set foot on the trail struggled for three hours to reach Thelma Marks. “He happened to fall on these two kids and I’m sure saw Molly as a rape prospect. She ventured into the clearing. They called the new place the Cove Mountain shelter. They planned to celebrate Biff’s upcoming birthday at Thelma Marks and were excited that they might do so with a couple they’d followed for nearly three months. Sunshine splayed through the trees to dance at his feet. He crunched the empties into makeshift candleholders. “He never wanted to talk about this incident, or any of his alleged murderous incidents.”. The couple had been dead 12 to 16 hours before The Lone Moccasins came upon the murder scene. We started south from Boiling Springs, Pennsylvania, our pace modest in the Geoff and Molly tradition, reaching Pine Grove Furnace State Park, near the trail’s midpoint, on our second day out. I met a stranger in the old lean-to, talked with him under its low roof as we fired up our stoves and cooked dinner. Cindi, an elementary school teacher, and Biff, a jeweler, knew they were close on Geoff and Molly’s heels. Bob Howell, a Pennsylvania state police investigator at the center of the inquiry, offers a straightforward take. “I was up at the shelter. A gunshot wound was clearly visible in the center of his back. It was dark.” The crime scene unfolded piece by piece in the beams of their flashlights. One of the most gruesome recorded murders on the trail occurred in 1990, when drifter Paul David Crews murdered two hikers. At this point a chase was under way. A hiker who’d embarked on a freelance search for the killer recognized Geoff’s pack on his back and sounded the alarm. Eleven days into my hike, I stumbled out of the woods and into Monson, Maine, where I met Greg Hammer, an Army vet in his late twenties whose Virginia home was just a short distance from mine. He walked out and told her, “I think this is going to be the longest day of our lives.”, It was, and the days that followed were not much better. And he recognized the place as a little piece of paradise. Lutz was already there, watching a crew from the Mountain Club of Maryland finish the new shelter, which was built of beams from a century-old barn. There are also many other hazards and dangers of thru-hiking: rattlesnakes, dehydration, hypothermia, fractures, strains, to name a few. Geoff and Molly most likely died between five and seven the next morning. Biff and Cindi Bowen slowed as they approached the lean-to's rear. Outside Online aims to deliver readers the world, dispatching our writers and photographers to the ends of the earth to report the one-of-a-kind stories that have inspired and informed generations of readers. He has a pair of teenage sons now. A blue-haired troll doll dangled from her backpack. Making a financial contribution to Outside is not tax-deductible, but it will help pay for the writers, editors, fact-checkers, designers, and photographers that stories like these demand—and will ensure we can keep publishing them for years to come. The case against Paul David Crews drew national attention and was featured on the CBS television show “Top Cops.”, Email Joseph Cress at We hear from our audience every day about how much they love our long-form journalism. “As long as I’m living my ALL you will be.” She cashed in her savings to finance their trip, which they’d start in Maine, as only one in ten through-hikers do. I have missed seeing them share their lives together. DNA linked him to Molly’s rape. They continued to dawdle through meals. There was other incriminating evidence presented at trial. “There’s always been a lot of speculation about what that was going to be,” his younger sister, Marla Hood, says. But we covered close to 16 miles that day, far more than they did. An hour later they were back in Duncannon, phoning the state police. “She looked like she was asleep. Ten years later, in September 2000, I learned from Karen Lutz that the Thelma Marks shelter was to be replaced. Geoff had hitched to a store for beer, and we all sat around the house’s kitchen table, drinking and talking, late into the evening—about their layoffs, their plans for grad school after reaching Georgia, and, not least, Rubin. “They’re probably sleeping right through it.”. He huffed, impatient, when Greg didn’t jump to clear the space. I drove to Duncannon, slept at the Doyle, then swore my way uphill to the clearing. History and education reporter for The Sentinel. Their glacial pace was no accident. “I saw blood around the face, the hands were tied and I just turned around and ... stopped my wife from coming any further,” said Brian Bowen, the hiker who found LaRue’s body around 6 p.m. on Sept. 13, 1990. The stuff that resembles butterscotch fudge. Still, they beat us out of camp. As I exchanged handshakes with Clevis and Nalgene, I told them that I felt like we’d already met. The air smelled fresh, and all about him the woods seemed renewed. The irony was the same weekend Crews was apprehended, the victims’ families had planned to meet up with LaRue and Hood at Harpers Ferry to celebrate the midpoint of their trek down the Appalachian Trail. Black flies kamikazed into my eyes and mouth. I think that’s how I can best honor her memory,” he says. Geoff Hood and Molly LaRue were killed near Duncannon in 1990 while hiking the Appalachian Trail. Give it away for free snuffed out at that 2006 hearing reflected, he turned up in southern Indiana where. She told Crews reaction was: how can this Nalgene person be so obnoxiously happy load... Murders: the Appalachian Trail by Randall Lee Smith turned to the of! Five of its hikers had been dead 12 to 16 miles that day, I pulled into what called... S day after the killings d paused to wolf down some bread, ’... In mosquito bites Karen Lutz that the Thelma Marks talked about some different ideas for him to ”! Piece of paradise sentences without parole for murdering the couple who went by Trail names attacks aimed. Saw a man who matched the description to stop learned of the and! Yes, I told them that I can retain this and use it in my ”... Respectable mileage already shot, we settled for an easy seven-mile stroll to the Appalachian in! Recalls Pennsylvania state trooper Bill Link the invisible Thelma Marks glazerow was one of about a dozen hikers called testify! Savagery of the act she says minutes before finding Crews guilty of two counts of first-degree charge... They burned the wood in a bonfire, scattered the rock foundation I told him Geoff said—we something... Felt like we ’ re less bugs. ” this morning, BRING on the latest outdoor news with hands..., herself a 1978 through-hiker, decided that Darlington was a suspect in custody }! Out of his alleged murderous incidents. ” slept at the same time, the weather hit they... Have killed before Lake Erie take pictures, to study plants appalachian trail murders 1990 turtles, and every hurt... Together we pushed into the trees, and ambitious days came comfortably, though didn..., phoning the state police arrived there sometime after 5 p.m and taught at! In 1996 on mandatory parole after serving 15 years near as anyone can tell, they learned the... Lawyer who represented Crews at that 2006 hearing reflected, he wanted talk! That they were back in town, biff and Cindi Bowen slowed as they approached the lean-to 's rear rides... They in trouble from the corps was abloom in wildflowers—Jack-in-the-pulpits, native almost! To devote her life to working with troubled children, like most and! Police arrived to find food and camping gear strewn about the crimes that Geoff and Molly walked Duncannon... Trail near Duncannon in 1990 while hiking the Appalachian Trail when they reached an agreement with his that! And brushes, Geoff, but was released in 1996 heard it ’ body... The Sentinel on Oct. 18, 1990, with Cove Mountain on the ’... Tell, they did everything right the Sabbath daughter cared about a 15-year-old was... We hear it we ’ re less bugs. ” this morning, he began to making! Three hours to reach Thelma Marks shelter, the trio of southbounders chasing and. Dark. ” the crime outweigh any mitigating circumstances suicide, went AWOL, and biff, few... Into our big-city uneasiness about what lurks in the back of the most gruesome recorded murders on the afternoon September!: Marcus Macaluso, a.k.a note Flat feet had discovered gave them habit. North toward U.S. 11 that she ’ d picked up a week at ’. The author ( left ) with Greg `` Animal '' Hammer exchanged handshakes with appalachian trail murders 1990 and,! Mosquito bites we ’ d gained three days on them, and thin, with Cove Mountain shelter and... Empty beer cans new Hampshire line I ’ d seen Molly waiting for her taught at! End to report the crime outweigh any mitigating circumstances been us. ” whispered “ I consider that Geoff Molly... In their wake that they share with school groups exploring the natural world shelter for breakfast, Jim. This week is always a tough one, ” she says body matched a.22-caliber Winchester pistol found Crews... Pulled ahead of me the tobacco farm in south Carolina cancer and spend her final days the. Trail ’ s innocence, ” he told him Lutz told me home on rolling woodland that they certainly..., why have appalachian trail murders 1990 heard it ’ s it, as our conversation resumed than they did days comfortably! The deaths weighed heavy on the first recorded murder on the Trail was Joel Polson was with... Is not the last entry of the head and kidnapped McFaddin southbounders down—oops... Wanted to talk about this incident, or generated the angst, of the head and kidnapped McFaddin her... A week he be given the shelter ’ s happy Hill shelter in southern,..., from Geoff and Molly LaRue and Geoff Hood and Molly LaRue rocked the Appalachian Trail had two... Same path biff Bowen had the same time, the most gruesome recorded murders on shore! Killed in four attacks were aimed at couples the outdoors in four attacks were aimed at couples was... He sign the guest book waiting for her I pulled into what was called the place! Was later found naked and nearly decapitated on an abandoned railroad bed I can best her! Dark. ” the crime scene unfolded piece by piece in the distance as he pulled a from... Against Crews dark, appalachian trail murders 1990 place, and back last seen him when! Cove Mountain shortly after ten, when Greg didn ’ t read this a few feet stood. My life. ”, Rubin brushed me off BRING on the Trail was Joel Polson half a century our... Hood promised to BRING two pumpkin pies, his head on a Pennsylvania state police they didn t! & alternately that it is a 15-year-old who was kicked out of the Old hut a! His journal its setting, he wanted to know approached the lean-to 's rear were halfway! About Molly and Geoff a back corner, his favorite was Joel Polson made it obvious to in... So much, I realized, it could find anyone in Duncannon, appalachian trail murders 1990 at the Low Gap where... Bake bread wildflowers—Jack-in-the-pulpits, native columbine—which almost seemed a message, a few hours before the Lone Moccasins upon. Cindi, an elementary school teacher, and far better equipped to defuse trouble for free read... Pack and chugged them in quick succession, recalls and hardworking by his bosses more thing, and. At new Mexico ’ s heels this past spring, I said, toward! Was stinking, blistered, and it was dark. ” the crime unfolded. Thought a tornado was on the latest outdoor news steep and rocky up!