Palpatine had a catch in place, though. Many of these missions were orchestrated with the goal of capturing the escaped scientist and criminal Jenna Zan Arbor, who the Jedi later discovered was working with Granta Omega, the murderer of the Jedi Council member Yaddle. Although he believed he would remain free because of his popularity with Sathans, he was imprisoned, and Darth Vader ordered his murder a day after his interment. [12], On Falleen, the Jedi discovered that Roy Teda, who fled Romin along with Zan Arbor, was staying at a luxurious hotel on Falleen, which Tachi and Olin went to investigate. [12], The factory was destroyed by the owners to cover up the illegal activities that took place inside, and Tachi and Olin barely arrived in time to rescue Kenobi and Skywalker, only to discover that their quarry had fled Falleen. Also, Aaren Larker sacrificed his life by posing as the thief of Divinian's droid. The two and their masters, Tachi and Obi-Wan Kenobi, often worked together on missions, traveling to such varied worlds as Radnor, Euceron, Andara, Typha-Dor, Romin, Falleen, and finally, Korriban. Ferus Olin was a Jedi Padawan of Master Siri Tachi during the time before the Battle of Geonosis. Garen is hiding in the caves of Illum where Jedi go to face their greatest fears and to get the crystals for their lightsabers. Attempting to leap across the pit and summon the lightsaber with the Force, Malorum was blinded by need; he lost control and fell into the melting pit, taking the secret of the Skywalkers with him. However, when they finally made contact with her, they were attacked by droids of the Commerce Guild army, and fled with the thief into a nearby Sith monastery, and were soon followed by their fellow Jedi. He had returned earlier than expected, forcing Olin and Flume to hide behind a wall panel in his office just before he arrived with Darth Vader, at the Temple for a surprise visit. The two managed to escape the prison and discovered that Malorum was researching an event that had happened in Polis Massa. Olin was not deceived by the ruse, however. I was born during the year 55 BBY. [4], They entered the cantina, the hideout of Jettster, and in it were introduced to the Erased, none other than the thugs that had been so eager to attack them only seconds before. Last Update: 05 May 2020. "Oh, hey Ferus-Wan!" In Jedi Quest: The Way of the Apprentice, Ferus is stated to have a red lightsaber, but on the cover of Jedi Quest: The Master of Disguise, he wields a green weapon. At the end of the mission, Olin, distrusting his fellow Padawan due to the desire for control he had shown, warned him that he would watch him in the future, further infuriating Skywalker and cementing the two apprentices' rivalry and mutual dislike for one another. [2], When Skywalker took private lightsaber training lessons with Soara Antana, the Jedi Master chose Olin to surprise him with an attack after one of their lessons. A staple in the movies, the lightsaber is not quite a weapon like any other. Like her padawan Ferus Olin, however, Siri grew to distrust Anakin mainly because his rage and arrogance were leading him down a path which will have an impact on everyone surrounding him. Ferus Olin. Learning about Mustafar, he considered it to be Vader's birthplace. Before they could be locked away, they freed the other prisoners of Teda, and demoralized the dictator's army, forcing them to surrender. Vader said to him something he heard long ago, from Anakin Skywalker, "Save your fears for yourself." Before leaving, Olin contacted Kenobi and informed him of the recent developments on Coruscant. In order to look into both Gillam's disappearance and the secret squad, Olin was sent with Skywalker to infiltrate the school disguised as students; with this cover, the two would be able to identify and investigate the mercenaries in hopes of finding a clue to the motive behind Gillam Tarturi's disappearance. [16] If anyone knew where a fugitive Jedi would be hiding, in Olin's opinion it was Dexter Jettster. Ferus Olin was a Jedi Padawan of Master Siri Tachi during the time before the Battle of Geonosis. December 2019. Learning that Roshan droids could transfer information from a mainframe without any sort of plug-in, the Jedi made the connection that the Roshans could combine their technology with the Sathan ability to transfer large amounts of data at once. Having sacrificed himself at the hands of Darth Vader, Olin was able to give the rebels a chance to escape. Coincidentally, a squad of young mercenaries was suspected by the Jedi Council to be using the Leadership School as a training ground. 44 BBY (9BrS)[2] Though worried about the consequences of staying so close to his enemies, the Jedi decided to take the risk, and remained on Samaria. Olin was surprised that a child was involved with the saboteur, but continued to trail "Farel." However, I'm saved by Ferus, who scolds me for losing a weapon but gives me his lightsaber because he got a red saber. Physical description Killed by Vader ... Ahsoka being a dual lightsaber wielder in the traditional fashion, with a shoto blade, I've included her second lightsaber in the game's lightsaber selection menu. [20], However, they realized the Empire likely knew this as well. As such, he secretly met with the Eleven and Flame, informing them of the Empire's plans for the captured Amie Antin and helping prepare a rescue operation. Characters: Darth Vader, OC's, Ferus Olin Genre: Action/Drama Summary: Darth Vader is a sent after a former Jedi name Ferus Olin. [11] This would later haunt him after Skywalker became Darth Vader; he would remember that Olin had warned him about the dangers of Skywalker's incredible potential, and he had not heeded the young Padawan's warning. But he and Flume were not safe yet. Anakin was with Padme on Genosis. How Wookieepedia treats Canon and Legends, The Last of the Jedi: The Desperate Mission, The Last of the Jedi: Return of the Dark Side, The Last of the Jedi: Master of Deception, Star Wars: The Official Starships & Vehicles Collection 29,, Pages using DynamicPageList parser function. [4], Recognizing Olin, Fy-Tor ordered the crowd to disband. He found refuge in the mountain cabin of Dona Telamark, he and Roan's first client, as the wound he had received in his escape from the Empire began to heal. The young form that Ferus Olin’s spirit had taken smiled back. Despite Olin's objections to the plan, the Jedi agreed to assist the resistance in removing Teda from power, believing it to be an act of justice against the dictator. Vader has out dueled The Dark Woman, easily out dueled both Ferus Olin and Jax Pavan, the later of which stalemateed Aurra Sing who has beaten Jinn and Kenobi at the same time. Kenobi managed to spring Skywalker from the Vanqor prison, and the Jedi team arrived just in time to rescue the two from Vanqor forces. Ferus Olinwas the HumanJediPadawanof Jedi MasterSiri Tachi. However, lightsaber expert and Jedi Master Tolan Hing had told Olin that it was, in fact, the failing of the piece that Skywalker had neglected to tell Veld to adjust that had caused the saber's failure. Fy-Tor-Ana war eine Jedi-Meisterin, die sich wegen der Bedrohung durch die Order 66 in den unteren Ebenen von Coruscant versteckte und vom Galaktischen Imperium Verfolgte um sich sammelte. Eventually, Lands was captured, and Olin barely escaped with his life. Olin repaired it, but was ignorant of a prior repair done by Skywalker, which was offset by the power boost he had done. Homeworld A prequel era-Jedi originally trained by Siri Tachi, Ferus Olin survived Order 66 and became a fugitive during the “dark times” between trilogies. Also, when the group reached Malorum's office, it was emptied completely. Ferus Olin's Lightsaber (A) Login to Rate Card. "[23], After Vader informed the Imperial Senate that Princess Leia's ship had been destroyed over Tatooine and Leia along with it, her foster father, Bail Organa, sent Olin out to find the truth and the latter was thus off-planet when Alderaan was destroyed by the Death Star. Anakin Skywalker vs His rival (Ferus Olin) and his best friend (Jax Pavan)Rots Anakin (pre dark side)Jax and Ferus in their most powerful formsFigh. Star Wars. However, Zan Arbor consistently eluded them. This lasted until the Empire thwarted his plans for early rebellion by destroying his secret asteroid base. At the sametime, Siri began receiving visions of Shinji Ikari and threat of the awakening Blood Lust Curse, an ancient godlike power which … Later, during a mission undertaken by Tachi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and Padmé Amidala, the female Jedi Master recalled the mission to Quas Killam with regret, wishing that she had observed more of the occurrences there, and possibly prevented the Separatists' takeover of the planet. He narrowly escaped an attack from the creatures, but advanced further into the crystal cave unhindered. When the Rebels and Imperials arrived, they proceeded to battle one another, and Soresh let loose a weapon which would, in time, destroy that star system. After Yoda's death, Obi-Wan appears on Dagobah as a Force Ghost to explain to a heartbroken Luke why he did not tell him the truth about his father, and to confess that Leia is his si… [19], Successfully crossing to the hangar of the Towers, the two Jedi destroyed a squad of stormtroopers, and reached the cruiser. The saver is unmasked as Ferus Olin (voiced by Yuri Lowenthal), a former Jedi Padawan. After a short battle, where Olin taunted Vader, Vader stabbed Olin in the heart. Stormtroopers were exterminating the gorgodons in an effort to reach Olin, who they had discovered was on Ilum. See the request on the listing or on this article's talk page. Some of you may know this, but each saber relies on a set of crystals. Mar 15, 2019 - Ferus Olin was the Human Jedi Padawan of Jedi Master Siri Tachi. Correctly assuming that the saboteur would attempt to get off planet, and fear filing for a refund, he found the few who did not request their money back listed in handwritten records. The two Jedi planned to utilize this feature to get under the Temple, then to head towards the surface, coming up in an abandoned turbolift shaft. Single piece model added. [10], During the following few months, Kenobi and Skywalker tracked Zan Arbor across the galaxy, while Tachi and Olin only assisted them occasionally. As she begged the two to let her go, Olin sensed the arrival of Darth Vader at the Fountain Towers. She was one of Obi-Wan Kenobi's closest friends, and at one point they were romantically involved. Pages 132 and 133 indicate that Luke, Leia, and Han carry his body to the Millennium Falcon, and the next few pages suggest that his body was loaded onto the Falcon. At first, Malory was reluctant; she relented, however, when Olin told her that he needed her to accept the Empire's offer to help him avenge his friend's murder.[22]. 0 ABY, Sixela system The three headed to the roof in order to cross construction beams at the top to reach the hangar next door, which contained Oddo's cruiser. Ferus Olin is so decimated by Roan's death that the only thing that keeps him going is the fact that the Emperor has promised to teach him in the ways of the dark side. Lightsaber. [19], Olin and Flax tracked down the ship of the saboteur in the Fountain Towers' hangar, but saw something unexpected inside it— a child's laser lasso. "Don't be afraid," he whispered his voice soft and caring. Ferus Olin had thick dark hair with gold streaks running through it. Learning that Vader was searching for the person who destroyed the Death Star, Olin began tracking Slej Hant, whom Vader commanded to find the information. However, Tachi reminded him that their mission was complete, and they could not interfere with the government to investigate the Padawan's suspicions. FERUS OLIN. BRIEF BIOGRAPHY A hard-working student at the Jedi Temple, Siri was two years advanced in her lightsaber training, putting her in Obi-Wan Kenobi’s class. By trailing the aide of Prime Minister Aaren Larker, he managed to make contact with the members of the Sathan resistance— these used the codenames of "Nek", "Dinko", and "Firefolk". [13] Olin chose to land on the Sith burial world in part to test himself, and to see if he was capable of resisting the dark side. Although they had discovered that Fy-Tor-Ana was not in the Jedi Temple, Olin still believed she was on the planet. X-7 wird die Identität von Div's Bruder "aufgeschwätzt", den dessen Geschichte passt ganz gut. [4], Olin was jolted from his reverie, though, when Flume heard stormtroopers entering the room. This greatly limited Olin's options, and he had no choice but to head to the planet Acherin to refuel. Olin was well respected in the order and was quite dedicated to it. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. I did a design of Ferus Olin's Lightsaberin the image shown. Chronological and political information Wookieepedia is a FANDOM Movies Community. [15], During the flight to Ilum, Kenobi told Olin that he would need to rescue Garen on his own. [1] However, confessing his fears for his rival seemed to release a weight from Olin, and the two Jedi later became, if not friends, certainly much less antagonistic towards one another during much of the remainder of their search for Zan Arbor. I read The Last of the Jedi #2 : Dark Warning. As it is mentioned that he and Tachi did not aid Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker during the whole of their search for Jenna Zan Arbor,[11] this article has conjectured that the mission to Quas Killam occurred during that time. Independent Development Committee. Single piece model added. [4], Using the Force to confuse a squad of Imperial guards, Olin and Flume stole an airspeeder and managed to safely escape the Temple. Komik Hayvanlar. Çizgi Film. Olin nearly tripped over conductor wire in the middle of a corridor, and stormtroopers were nowhere to be found. However, Tarturi, actually hidden in the old and abandoned system rooms inside the school, stumbled upon him. Unable to let his friends die, the Jedi agreed to travel to the desert planet. Pinning Malorum against the melting pit, Olin left himself open to an attack. Flame quickly evacuated the Roshans from the planet, returning them to Rosha once they realized the Empire planned to assassinate them. [20], Catching the thief, Olin discovered it was none other than Flume, who had left the asteroid alone to make contact with Flame, the leader of a galaxy-wide resistance movement known as Moonstrike. However, the damage was done. Olin also created a safehouse for fugitive Jedi on an asteroid hidden within an atmospheric storm. He soon realized his error, as the Grand Inquisitor revealed a red lightsaber and attacked. About. [14], Returning to Coruscant for the first time since his resignation from the Jedi Order, Olin was devastated to see the Jedi Temple in its current, damaged state after being set fire to during Order 66. However, as he learned more about them, he gradually became more and more in agreement with the unit's ideals—this led him to decide to join them on a mission to penetrate Andara's airspace. Eventually, he befriended Roan Lands on Bellassa, and the two started a business together—Olin and Lands.