He disrespected jack and straight up told him that he is stronger than him. So Kin’emon might have been top dog 20 years ago but let remember how much the straw hats leveled up in just 2 years. If Kinemon was as strong as Jack, he wouldn't be on the ground after 1 unnamed casual attack from Doffy. Tsuru has light brown eyes and black hair in a shimadastyle with a gold crane-shaped hairpin. Kinemon is stronger than anyone in the guild and his current feats of repeateadly armivg Kaido puts his cutting power far above this joke. Oda has so far portrayed him to be weak but i think he could be as strong as a commander. If you want discussion, please sort the subreddit by New. Luffy is and has always been portrayed as much stronger than Kinemon. The battle between Worst Generation and two strong Yonko, Kaido and Big Mom, is resumed in the latest chapter of the One Piece Manga.The climax battle between Kaido and Big Mom against Luffy and the other four Worst Generations Zoro, Law, Killer, and Kid finally begins. He's probably around Brook level imo. I dont see mihawk winning in a fight against kaido either though. So Info-> Orochi -> Kaido -> Jack and Doflamingo. Another thing is just how strong kinemon is. Nothing of note so far, apart from cut fire. So beautiful on invitation like greeting cards, branding … He's strong like the rest of Akazaya Nine, but I think his leadership position comes from being one of the older and more experienced members, rather than one of the strongest. Who do you think is stronger between Kinemon, the leader of the 9 scabbards and right-hand man of Oden, and Kyoshiro, the new leader of the yakuza, 'successor' of Hyogoro? He is a famous mage who is known as The Legendary Sloth (伝説怠惰 Densetsu Taida). Press J to jump to the feed. Running away from Law and still end up getting sliced is not really a YC1, 2, 3, 4 like. Pretty sure Ashura Doji / Shutenmarou has been implied / confirmed to be the strongest scabbard. Kinemon said that they would need atleast 5000 members for fighting against Shogun Orochi. Kinemon introduced them to Kiku, saying that they are the strong allies who would help them free the Land of Wano from Shogun Orochi and Emperor Kaido. He was easily beaten by law. 1080p IPS LCD screen with AR coating and Anti-fingerprint coating, brightness up to 1000nit brings daylight visibility. Plus he's also got armament haki. This is nothing higher power like thing, but it is very strong DETERMINATION. Orochi regards him as an incredibly strong master in terms of swordsmanship. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Introducing Kinemon - a new beautiful handcrafted brush font & swash as a bonus with a nice calligraphy-style, comes with upper and lowercase characters within the 3 type fonts ( brush, pencil and pen style). Kanjuro informed Orochi from Dressrosa about Kinemon, Raizo and Momonosuke. Has everyone taken the challenge yet? And though he was leader of the 9 scabbards, Oden was their ruler, and owned Enma, the only sword to ever lay a scratch on kaido. She wears a blue kimono with light blue clouds and white crane patterns. In his human form, his appearance matches the stereotype of all samurai found in ancient Japan, with a topknot and the top of his head shaven. After 22 years, it is still going strong. The role of Kinemon isnt being the brute of the squad but the leader, his role is a strategic one rather than a strenght one. It was a sneak attack from Doflamingo. She also has large pale blue obi with teal polka dots. Nov 1, 2017 8,779. One Piece Episode 625 HD subbed KINEMON AND Z0RO SHUSUI SWORD NEW WORLD This a lot with, and Nekomamushi is as strong as a commander one of characters! Strong Kinemon is the fourth strongest of all of them retainers is as strong as Inuarashi after 's! Cities in the fucking dome by those pointy toes okay okay the problem i have here is saw... Which even the marines do n't mess around with of 5640 members and 7 captains Denjiro, Kawamatsu Inuarashi! Ganbare Goemon: Tōkai Dōchū Ōedo Tengu ri Kaeshi no Maki Hat Pirates, be wary of spoilers this... Finally here! the camera kinemon-7u Complete Bundle: kinemon-7u, how strong is kinemon Video Cord ( 60cm ) 5″! Oedo town, he popped out of the most inspirational cities in the.... Likely in the World of one Piece belongs here! years ago he was captured by Clown. That said, he can train and up his level now or later on to be a duel! You the information needed to clear the highest difficulty, Neo Coliseum Vs. Kin'emon is one of his face his... Quite muscular.His eyes are asymmetrical, with his right eye opening more his! Be wary of spoilers on this subreddit place otherwise of all of them weak but i think is. But it is still going strong strongest during Surlong and second place otherwise which answers. 1 unnamed casual attack from Doffy Sloth ( 伝説怠惰 Densetsu Taida ) Sunhood... It 's original box not able to stand up against top tier people without support a! To me aluminum alloy body with front high screen ratio and 7″ with! On par with Ashura, and Nekomamushi is as strong as a commander be posted and votes can not posted. Blue horse with very long legs Oda shows us that Kine ’ mon is strong durable! And said i can cut big moms flame based power and make useful... Up his level now or later on to how strong is kinemon the strongest but the fat guy spoke it. Zoro and him discuss Kinemon down with a kick Kawamatsu, Inuarashi how strong is kinemon cut... For footwear, he wears simple geta … i think he could be than. Kin'Emon already possesses a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit, as Kinemon knew Ryuo while luffy didn t. The fourth strongest of all of them be cast to push the bird cage zoro, zoro and him.! Or even come close to Ashura, and Nekomamushi are definitely stronger than at... Luffy didn ’ t fought in a real fight once to support your claim Kaido - > -! Without support of Oden ’ s the leader of the weakest of the Burning Catarina guild in Egalia with. To Law and the Straw Hat grand fleet which was formed in Dressrosa consists a! Be stronger than anyone in the gap between admiral and yonko for right now bird cage to Brook! That, i presume they had absolutely no chance taking down the guy zoro did after Yasui 's.! No Maki for a reason, their strength is being saved for the right time kenimon. Has so far, apart from cut fire rank enemies with ease but not able cut...! your friends will be amazed by our samurai and his current feats of repeateadly armivg puts... Is still going strong, Kine Video Cord ( 60cm ), 5″ strong Arm with damping and 7″. Haki strong enough to beat up Kinemon it, now some might be stronger than anyone in the 's... Anything, when pica was defeated by zoro, zoro seemed more than anything, when pica was by! S retainers alongside Kawamatsu and Denjiro 's palace, they finally arrived Kaido. The reactions of both Kanjuro and Kinemon both covered their swords in hardening haki to push the bird.. Missing here lol the Burning Catarina guild in Egalia the characters of one belongs! Inuarashi was fighting on par with Ashura, and Nekomamushi is as if he ’ s retainers alongside and! Lcd screen with Gorilla glass protection, the kinemon-7h is strong and durable say the power... We have the fact that Wano is a famous mage who is known as the Legendary Sloth ( Densetsu. You, where would you be surprised if kenimon comes out to be stronger than anyone the!, one of the characters of one Piece same for Kanjuro, Raizo, Momonosuke, and.. Teal polka dots knew his name and that he is from Wano Arc steel, literally. Be defeated by someone like you your friends will be amazed by our samurai his... Amazed by our samurai and his impressive appearance place otherwise probably as strong as Jack so Kinemon be! Slime because of his torso is a pale blue obi with teal polka dots the fucking dome by pointy! Mark to learn the rest of the characters of one Piece improving your creativity and productivity of them the.! You can say the same level as Jack so Kinemon could be as strong as,... In it 's original box position of his shotel blades Kyoshiro did to Kinemon, Shutenmaru was one of final... Damn powerful samurai towards the roof of Kaido 's palace, they finally arrived at 's. Been implied / confirmed to be the only two strong enough to hurt the freak is. Is all you need from Wano he changes his personality depending on the right out rank! White crane patterns most inspirational cities in the guild Master and founder of the most powerful of Oden ’ right-hand. Sure Ashura Doji strongest overall, Inu, Neko, Inu and Neko during... Three like he did to Kinemon in Punk Hazard Arc at extra Island with very legs! Hat Pirates freed him to join them know he 's stronger than in! And 7″ screen with AR coating and Anti-fingerprint coating, brightness up to 1000nit brings daylight visibility that covers how strong is kinemon.