Eugene Garvey (Stefan Gumbs, series 7), Ex-pupil and gang leader. … The fourth series of Waterloo Road, a British television school drama series created by Ann McManus and Maureen Chadwick and produced by BBC Scotland and Shed Productions, commenced airing in the United Kingdom on 7 January 2009 and concluded after 20 episodes on 20 May 2009. It also has a high turnover rate of characters, with staff and pupils joining and leaving the school over time. Still reeling from losing Grace, Kim struggles to hold it together as organiser of a fundraising day at the school. List of characters in the TV show Waterloo Road,, Lists of British television series characters, Lists of British drama television series characters, Wikipedia indefinitely semi-protected pages, Short description is different from Wikidata, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Holly Tattersall (Daisy Wignall, series 1; guest series 2), Lewis Seddon (Craig Fitzpatrick, series 1−3), Celine Dixon (Zeriozha Burt-Skeete, series 2−3), Maxine Barlow (Ellie Paskell, series 2−4), Aleesha Dillon (Lauren Thomas, series 3−5), Bolton Smilie (Tachia Newall, series 3−5; guest series 8), Paul Langley (Thomas Milner, series 3−5; guest series 6), Shona Mansfield (Millie Katana, series 7), Tariq Siddiqui (Naveed Choudhry, series 7−8; guest series 9), Trudi Siddiqui (Aryana Ramkhalawon, series 7), Harley Taylor (Kane Tomlinson-Weaver, series 7−10), Naseem Siddiqui (Shifaa Arfann, series 7), Angus "Gus" Hancock (Benjamin Gur, series 8), Imogen Stewart (Kirstie Steele, series 8−9), Rhiannon Salt (Rebecca Craven, series 8−10), Lisa Brown (Caitlin Gillespie, series 9−10), Darren Hughes (Mark Beswick, series 9−10), Shaznay Montrose (Je'Taime Morgan Hanley, series 9−10), Archie Wong (Christopher Chung, series 9), Leo Fitzgerald (Zebb Dempster, series 10), Floyd Westbrook (Leo Flanagan, series 10), Tiffany Westbrook (Sammy Oliver, series 10), Scott Fairchild (Andrew Still, series 10), Dale Jackson (Finlay MacMillan, series 10). The school is still reeling after the murder of Maxine Barlow. Wayne Johnson (Rob Haythorne, series 7), Michael's attacker. Earl threatens and controls them with his gun and lets them know who the new boss is and says you tell and you are dead . The day takes a dramatic turn when Steph discovers the same pupil in a life-threatening situation, but can her actions redeem herself in Rachel's eyes? New pupil Earl Kelly, however, ensures that Waterloo Road experiences one of the worst days in its history. When Bolton returns for another year at Waterloo Road he and Paul quickly make an enemy of their new classmate Earl Kelly. Meanwhile Rose Kelly and Candice Smilie prepare a menu for the relief day using their knock-off meat. But her attentions are firmly on new music teacher, Matt Wilding. Paul reconciles with his friends. Vix Spark (Kristin Atherton, series 9), Sue's sister, who begins a relationship with Nikki. What starts off as a debate about home-schooling versus state education soon escalates into a domestic dispute. Waterloo Road. The staff are overworked and underpaid, the budgets only ever seem to get tighter, and the kids more troublesome. The family consists of alcoholic mother, Rose Kelly (Elaine Symons), and her five children, who all enrol at Waterloo Road and bring many problems with them. Fanpop has Waterloo Road polls. When Bolton arrived at Waterloo Road his 'don't need no education, cos I already know it all' philosophy, meant he spent so much time in the cooler, the teachers considered charging him rent. Jasmine suspects Paul is being abused and raises her concerns with Steph. Waterloo Road was the nightmarish school we all secretly wanted to attend. Danny Spencer (Andy Rush, series 10), Dale's cycling coach. Author: Ruby Norris Published 17th Aug 2020 Last updated 17th Aug 2020. Rachel is horrified when Eddie's relationship with her sister Melissa takes a dramatic leap forward, but Philip seems to be hiding a secret that threatens everyone's plans. Bolton Smilie Candice Smilie is a single mum in her early 40s who tried to better herself through adult education evening classes at Waterloo Road to improve her basic literacy skills. Tensions soon mount between the pupils and the travellers. Meanwhile, Donte has organized an underground boxing match between Bolton Smilie and another pupil from a rival school. Soon, the incident i… Forum Member 11/03/15 - 00:23 #10. As the sparks fly between him and Melissa he has to assess how he really feels. Fantasy Romance Waterloo Road Angst School … Following the fire that nearly destroyed the school, Rachel is keen to start the new term with a clean slate and no more mistakes. Meanwhile, new PE teacher Rob Cleaver makes a big impression on Jasmine, Steph and Matt, whilst Grantly returns to school with a new look. Elsewhere, Davina is delighted to finally qualify as a teacher, and things seem perfect when Rachel offers her a job at Waterloo Road, but her day starts to unravel when she discovers that money has gone missing from her and Tom's joint account. [4], The number is based on available ratings data posted on the, Series 4 Episode 1 was shown in Scotland 30 mins before the rest of the UK. Matt has applied to be an emergency foster carer but may be biting off more than he can chew with his first ward – Sambuca Kelly. Bitter battle lines are drawn between Chlo and Donte as they wrangle over their baby's future, but when Chlo goes into a complicated premature labour, Donte finds himself at risk of losing his baby and his wife. Many years ago, the popular TV show Waterloo Road appeared on our TVs. The furious confrontation that follows triggers a chain of events that leads to tragedy. He threatens the boy again to keep quiet but Kim,suspicious of what is going on,learns the truth and publicly exposes Max's underhand dealings. We still fancy Bolton Smilie, not gonna lie. 76 "Episode 16" Joss Agnew: Emma Taylor: 26 May 2010 () 4.49: New boy Finn's disruptive behaviour continues at Waterloo Road and he persuades Josh and Amy to join him in smoking a legal high. More. Colin Bond (David Michaels), Headteacher of Havelock High. Earl's doing his best to convince Maxine that they should have a baby. Determined to reunite the girls' football team, Tom persuades his old friend Captain Andy Rigby to run an army day at the school, using team building techniques to whip the girls into shape. The fourth series picks up after the events of the third series finale, which involved a fire almost destroying the school and left the fate of several staff and pupils unknown. Can he and Steph pull out the stops and re-write another song in time to still take part? Meanwhile, the new security guard Dave Miller is taking his job seriously, until he develops a serious crush on Steph Haydock. Waterloo Roadwas a British television drama series set in a comprehensive schoolof the same name, broadcast on BBC Oneand later on BBC Three. Davina's reputation at Waterloo Road is at stake when she is accused of racism by a Maori supply teacher. He wants them to finally have what they never got from their own childhoods; a proper family, a home and stability. (7:30 pm in Scotland & 8pm in the rest of the UK), The episode did not appear in the top 30 viewings on the BARB website, Series 4 Episode 4 was shown in Scotland on the Sunday after the rest of the UK at 7 pm due to live coverage of the, "Weekly Top 30 Programmes (See relevant weeks)", "Waterloo Road: Series Four – Autumn Term", "Waterloo Road: Series Four – Spring Term", "Waterloo Road: The Complete Series Four",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. However, when a mystery illness strikes the school, the dodgy dealings in the canteen come under suspicion. Rachel's sister Melissa Ryan risks getting them both fired when she loses control of her adult education class. Michaela, Bolton and Paul were my favourite, Mason was the best head and there's been some proper good storylines but I like Maxine's murder, Mika being bullied by her mate and when janeece was dating that pervy teacher. Rachel decides to save the reputation of the school and withdraws them from the competition. Selina Wilson (Nicola Grier, series 10), Head of the Greenock Education Committee. Meanwhile, Tom's feud with the Kelly's intensifies when he becomes convinced that Earl is leaving dead birds on his doorstop. Ralph Mellor (Malcolm Scates, series 4), Head of Governors and Flick's father. Steph finds herself inundated with gifts, and it's clear she's going to have to let Security Dave down gently, but how...? When Amy Porter sets her sights on Bolton, she and her best friend Siobhan Mailey construct a complicated plan to get the two alone together. However, school Governor. This horrifies Steph, but Maxine's will becomes stronger and more resolute – no one understands Earl like her. The first ten episodes of the series were released on 21 September 2009,[2] and the back ten episodes were released on 26 April 2010. Kim finds herself battling with Sarah-Leanne to win the hearts and minds of her celebrity-obsessed students. Kim struggles to keep her personal life from impacting on her job as she tries to get rid of him. How can Rachel Handle this Disastrous Meeting? Meanwhile, despite Marley returning the money Ralph bribed him before, Ralph goes too far with Marley, by giving him a surprise smash on the way to school. She is proud of her job as top dinner lady in the school canteen and is ambitious, putting aside her disapproval of Rose Kelly and then working with her to pitch for the school franchise. It's the last day of term at Waterloo Road and everyone is excited about Bolton's boxing final. Jodie notices and decides to make the most of it, starting with the schools new bad boy, Barry Barry. Steph's return to Waterloo Road starts badly when a pupil leads a class revolt and Rachel blames the problem on her poor teaching skills. Cecile Tsibi (Sarah Niles, series 9; Anna-Maria Nabirye, guest series 8), Lula's mother. Bolton has been accused of raping Amy and no one wants to hear his side of the story. However, the shock revelation from Paul that the gun in the school at the start of term was Earl's compels her to try and secure Denzil Kelly's release before she goes. Jasmine shares her worries with Eddie and her suspicions are confirmed when he finds Paul following a beating. The Bad-Boy and the Beauty. Participate in a Waterloo Road poll or view past results. He has romantic liaisons with Steph Haydock and LEA inspector Heather Davenport, and a more serious relationship with Davina Shackleton. She is forced to make the hardest decision of her life, with devastating consequences for Donte. Bolton learns the hard way | Episode | Waterloo Road | What's on TV Colin Scott (Chris Finch, series 3), Matt's partner. Storyline There's a school like Waterloo Road in every town in Britain. Add to library 8 Discussion. However, the arrival of a mystery girl looking for Earl has Maxine questioning if she really knows him at all. References ? In the season finale, Waterloo Road is in the final of North West Schools Choir of the Year competition, but things take a bad turn when it becomes apparent that Flick stole the lyrics for the song. Later in the series, a major plot sees pupil Maxine Barlow (Ellie Paskell) led to tragedy after getting together with Earl Kelly (Reece Noi). Kim is dragged before Rachel and Eddie to explain but she's too consumed with worry as she's found out the Home Office has hired a private investigator to track her and Grace. Also, troubled pupil Chlo Grainger (Katie Griffiths) giving birth and, finally, the return of former Head of Pastoral Care Kim Campbell (Angela Griffin), who smuggles a baby girl into the country on her return from Rwanda.