The choice between high-spin and low-spin configurations for octahedral d 4, d 5, d 6, or d 7 complexes is easy. BINGO! (Ligands which cause a … In many these spin states vary between high-spin and low-spin configurations. 3) With manganese, a high spin and a low spin octahedral complex are actually different. The usual Hund's rule and Aufbau Principle apply. [F (H[Fe(H O) ]3+ ihihi ith 5 i d l t It h ti t f 2 6 3+ ions are high-spin with 5 unpaired electrons. It just categorizes, qualitatively, how the metal d orbitals are filled in crystal field theory after they are split by what the theory proposes are the ligand-induced electron repulsions. Spin states when describing transition metal coordination complexes refers to the potential spin configurations of the central metal's d electrons. A In an octahedral crystal field, the d electrons on a metal ion occupy the eg set of orbitals before they occupy the t2g set of orbitals i)If ∆ o < P, the fourth electron enters one of the eg orbitals giving theconfiguration t 2g 3. Examples of low-spin d^6 complexes are ["Cr"("CN")_6]^(3-) and "Cr"("CO")_6, and examples of high-spin d^6 complexes are ["CrCl"_6]^(3-) and "Cr"("H"_2"O")_6. DING DING DING! Weak field ligands: I- , Br- , SCN- , Cl- , F- , OH- , NO2- , H2O. Chemistry MCQs for Class 12 Chapter Wise with Answers PDF Download was Prepared Based on Latest Exam Pattern. Thanks for A2A!!! You should learn the spectrochemical series to know which are weak field ligands and which are strong field ligands. Students can solve NCERT Class 12 Chemistry Coordination Compounds MCQs Pdf with Answers to know their preparation level. These are called spin states of complexes. Magnetic Properties of Coordination Complexes K 3 [Fe(CN) 6] has a magnetic moment of 2.3 B.M., which is a d5 low-spin complex with one unpaired electron. The terms high spin and low spin are related to coordination complexes. Answer: usually produce low spin complexes and high crystal field splittings 9 (Crystal Field Theory) Which one of the following statements is FALSE? The key difference between high spin and low spin complexes is that high spin complexes contain unpaired electrons, whereas low spin complexes tend to contain paired electrons.. When talking about all the molecular geometries, we compare the crystal field splitting energy (Δ) and the pairing energy (P). Explanation: Co exists as Co 3+ in [CoF 6] 3–.The configuration of. The high-spin octahedral complex has a total spin state of +2 (all unpaired d electrons), while a low spin octahedral complex has a total spin state of +1 (one set of paired d electrons, two unpaired). The unpaired electrons in the d-orbitals do not tent to pair up because F – is weak ligand. The formation of complex depend on the crystal field splitting, ∆ o and pairing energy (P). A complex can be classified as high spin or low spin. (c) Low spin complexes can be paramagnetic. All we have to do is compare the energy it takes to pair electrons with the energy it takes to excite an electron to the higher energy (e g) orbitals. Ligands for which ∆ o < P are known as weak field ligands and form high spin complexes. We can determine these states using crystal field theory and ligand field theory. (d) In high spin octahedral complexes, oct is less than the electron pairing energy, and is relatively very small. 16. The configuration of CoF 6 3– is. If it takes less energy to pair the electrons, the complex is low-spin. WE HAVE A WINNER! Free PDF Download of CBSE Chemistry Multiple Choice Questions for Class 12 with Answers Chapter 9 Coordination Compounds. It has a magnetic moment of 6 B.M. Correct option (c) [CoF 6] 3– . (e) Low spin complexes contain strong field ligands.